TUE, MAR 12 12:00 PM EDT - 1:00 PM EDT
Building Healthy Habits with John Mark Shaw

Join us for a session with John Mark Shaw to discuss tips on building and sustaining healthy habits.

In this session, you will learn:
-A powerful morning practice to launch into your day inspired and energized
-The importance of structure and how it focuses and harnesses your energy so you can be more successful
-How small changes have a big impact over time and the power of cadence to build momentum
-How to use your calendar as the most powerful tool for transformation
-5 steps to lock in a new habit
-How to reframe failure as feedback to build the resilience to keep going

John Mark Shaw is a transformational life and business coach, a leadership expert, a business strategist, a professional speaker and a successful entrepreneur. Over the last 25 years, he has built a $30 million dollar business from the ground up, and has developed a proven, practical, results-driven strategic system that has helped hundreds of individuals, entrepreneurs and leaders just like you unleash their greatness and achieve the success they are capable of.

WED, APR 17 12:00 PM EDT - 1:00 PM EDT
The Benefits of Plant Based Eating

Join Lindsey Kaszuba in an informative and eye-opening webinar on the benefits of plant-based eating. Discover how a plant-focused diet can fit into your current lifestyle, how it can boost your health and energy, and how to tune into what foods work best for you. Lindsey will share her personal journey with plant-focused eating, reveal how tuning into your body’s needs can lead you to healthier choices without strict diets, and introduce simple, delicious plant-based recipes. Embrace a simple approach to wellness and learn to nourish your body and soul with the power of plants.

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